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Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III
Brian Moore iM

Fender MIM Telecaster

G&L Custom Blondie Stratocaster

Electra 2238WC Rock 'n Soul Tele

Ventura Howard Roberts

Martin 000M


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Reverb

Fender Blues Jr.

Custom Fender Princeton Clone


D'Addario Jazz Light 12-52

D'Addario Light 10-46

D'Addario Medium 11-49

D'Addario Medium w Wound G 11-49


Dunlop Gator Grip 1.50mm

Fender 351 Extra Heavy 

Effects Pedals

Dunlop 535Q Crybaby Wah

Hotone Soul Press

Ernie Ball VP Jr. Volume Pedal

ProCo '85 Reissue Whiteface Rat

Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion

Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

Walrus Voyager

Xotic EP Booster

Henretta Engineer Mr. White Tweak Boost

Boss OC-3 Super Octave

Electro Harmonix Micro POG

Electro Harmonix Micro Qtron

MXR Bass Envelope Filter

Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer

TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Diaz Tremodillo Tremolo
Electro Harmonix Freeze

TC Electronic HOF Mini

Line 6 Verbzilla Reverb

Axcess Analog Delay

Line 6 DL4 Delay
Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler

MXR M222 Talk Box

Line 6 G30 Wireless

TC Electronic Polytune Nano

Pedaltrain PT-1

Pedaltrain PT-JR

Pedaltrain Nano


Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2

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